Flea & Tick

The best grooming services for your pets

We are offering a special bath for pets that are not infested by fleas and ticks. If you knew that your pets are infested, please see your vet first for proper treatment prior to scheduling an appointment for your pet's grooming. 


We, at Bark Ave Bath & Biscuit, aim to give your pet a special grooming service it deserves. If you are not aware that your pet has one or two fleas or ticks, that is OK, we will still give them a special bath. However, we will not continue the grooming and will advise you to consult your vet first if they are infested. This is because an infested pet may infect the whole salon which is not good for the other pets who wanted to enjoy our special bath service. If we find a flea on your pet, we will call to inform. 

These are the most common signs of an infested pet:

  • Itching

  • Scratching

  • Little black spots on fur / skin 

  • Flea dirt

  • Fleas